28 febrero 2006

Accesorios para Big Wall

Estos inventos pertenecen a la página web de www.womenclimbing.com y por el momento no forman parte del catálogo de accesorios para big Wall de A5-Lunnis. Aún así, nos complace poder saciar la gran demanda femenina de dichos útiles para la escalada de grandes paredes.

Girlie stuff.

This may gross some people out, but to some it's a god save.

Freshette - FreshettePee free.

Just use this funnel gizmo and you can go standing up. It works, and we love them. Check out our Expert Advice page for a whole treatise on peeing, plus instructions on how to use the Freshette. I personally love this thing!

Retails at $20.Buy Now at

Keeper - Keeper menstral cap

KeeperThe Keeper Menstrual Cap is a great alternative to carrying trash on the trail. This all natural rubber cup is worn internally and catches the flow. You just empty it, wash it if you have water and reinsert it. Lots of women like these because they do not have any chemicals added. More like them for the convenience. They have been on the market for a number of years, and are safe and effective. Although not leak-free, we find that they work about as well as tampons or other strategies. The manufacturer offers a three-month money back guarantee, so if you try it and it doesn't work for you, just send it back.

Retails at $35.Buy Now at

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Kiko dijo...

Javi yo me aburro algunas tardes, pero lo tuyo es preocupante.....macho a ver si te operan ya y comienza la temporada de piragüa por que sino estamos apañaos.....